Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You, Grandma Grace, for the...

Party Hats!  No party is complete without them!  What a hit!  I guess you still have the touch, after all those years!  You were right, I'm sure no website on the internet could demonstrate how to create something quite this cool!
So this was one of many birthday celebrations for Brooklyn's third birthday.  The actual day was the 9th of March, a Monday this year.  These photos are from a celebration we had the Friday night before at my mom's house.  The kids had a blast!  Thanks for the awesome "Mad Hatter" cake, Mom.  And Grandma, you know the kids loved your hat creations!

Aunt Pip, we loved the awesome treasure hunt.  Pure joy.
Grandma Grace, thanks for the other fun birthday traditions, in addition to the treasure hunt, like "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?" and of course, thank you to Megan Tanner for "Don't Eat Pete."  Unfortunately, the game board didn't make it, but it was on the agenda and will definitely be played during our next visit!

Some of Brooklyn's AWESOME gifts included: sand toys, cute beach T and flip-flops, the Tinkerbell movie, a puzzle and matching book, and the Fancy Nancy game.

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Ruth said...

Happy Birthday to such a sweet girl!!! We better stop by soon. Hooray for being 3!