Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Months

Ian loves being entertained by his big sister.  It's sometimes hard to keep her out of these monthly photo shoots, though.  She will gets right up in his face and mimic whatever goofy thing I say.  

Stuff he enjoys doing, besides watching his sister: going on stroller walks, chillin' in the baby pouch as I walk around the park or outdoor mall by our apartment, "talking" to people, laughing when being tickled or playing peek-a-boo, sucking on his fingers, kicking his legs out, and watching his appendages move because he is figuring out that they are attached and he can somewhat manipulate them.

Brooklyn recently reported to us, "You call him Sweetie Pie, I call him Buddy Boy, and Dad calls him Ian."  I love how Brooklyn is also his spokesperson.  She will totally interrupt her own prayer to verbalize what she supposes he is thinking.  For example, (prayer begins) "Ian says, 'huh? I wanna say the prayer Brookie!' No Ian, I'm saying the prayer" (prayer continues).  She also "translates" his cries for me, often animatedly.   "He says, 'Mommy, I want milk!' " or "He's just tired."  

My attempts to civilize him have all been in vain.  Only his fingers and burp rags or receiving blankets make sufficient chew toys.  Brightly colored, store-bought, child-proof chew toys have been met with looks of "no thanks, not interested." Well, at least his own appendages are always handy!  He also likes watching Curious George sometimes in the morning with Brookie or a few scenes of an "action" movie with Dad in the evenings after work!

We'll see what his official height and weight stats are tomorrow when we go in for his 4-month check-up, but my guess is that he's about 15 pounds and, maybe 25 or 26 inches, really I have no clue, so we'll see!  I can't say the kid doesn't eat well! 


Elise said...

That is one CUTE KID!!

evelyn said...

I think the stuffed animal idea is really great because you can really see him growing so fast!