Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This and That

These boys rock my world! Can you spot the blue car? Love it. And them.

The next picture shows that I don't just bake. Really, it's true! I only document my baking more often than my regular stuff. So here it is, one of my latest favorites, white chili. Big and little white beans, chicken, chili, corn, chicken broth, green chilies, and some cilantro make this flavorful and nutritious. Toppings: sour cream and cheese. We can't forget to add some fat! :)
Here's another crowd-pleasing favorite: ham and veggie mac 'n' cheese. See the spinach and carrots mixed in with the shell shaped noodles? Yum! (I think this picture was taken on the day it was eaten as a left-over. Less dishes, even better than the first round!)

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