Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Day at the Races

Recently, our primary held a car race activity.
After a few hours of carefully wrapping this cardboard in cheap gift-wrapping paper, I thought I had a decent looking toy car. When we arrived, we had another thing coming!
Can I just say that all of the most creative parents in the world live in my ward? Seriously. This is ridiculous! I tried to talk the "competition" out of this whole affair with Brooklyn as we built the car, but nothing could have prepared me for the mighty masterpieces that awaited us in the cultural hall that day. We had a bat mobile, a Hummer with real head and tail lights, a couple of old classic cars, a Ferrari, a Jeep, and a fire engine.
There were not a few, but many cars that were built with great detail and assembled to look like real models of existing cars! A few of them were made mostly by the children and even those were pretty impressive!
This just is one small example of how our creation stacked up against the others. Here we have scale-models of a Ferari and a Jeep! I really should have used a glue gun and spray paint. It was so much more effective, as shown here! After this activity I actually realized that I don't own a glue gun. How did that ever happen? I feel somewhat crafty, how can I truly not own a glue gun?
Do you love the personalized license plates that this brother and sister had? Even the license plate frames were customized. Max's read, "Italian Stallion" and Lia's was something about a princess in training.
Here the cars are at the "drive in" movie theater. They watched a movie/slideshow of themselves. Can you see the fire engine in the back corner?
Here Ian is donning one of those "cool cars."
You've gotta love the flames escaping from the exhaust pipes!

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