Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brooklyn's Birthday Bash

Brooklyn celebrated her 5th birthday way back in March with some fun friends, games, and treats at a park. This was her very first "friend" birthday. She may need to wait another 5 years for the next one. Thank you Mom and Pip for driving down and thank you Claire (my cousin) for helping out!

We enjoyed some good ol' duck, duck goose.
I had a just a tiny bit of fun. Here I'm tagging Tate as the "goose!"
Brooklyn explained some of the rules to a game while her friends eagerly listened. Future teacher???
We had to do the traditional McKendrick birthday treasure hunt.
The treasure included gummy bears and other small treats in good ol' brown paper lunch bags.
Ian thought he was big stuff mingling with all the older kids.
Plenty of sweet treats for all!
Brooklyn here is carefully guarding the flame of her #5 candle.

This is the look of, "Hold me!" We were all partied out!

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