Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

On St. Patrick's Day this year, I decided to dye the oatmeal green. The kids have not stopped asking to dye their oatmeal EVERY morning now. Of course, they want to select the colors themselves and man the droppers. I am anticipating some "accidentally" dyed clothing or other body parts. So far, they've only come away with pigmented fingertips. Finally this week I tried to regulate this dying business and am only allowing it Tues/Thrs/Sat. I am such a party pooper!

Below is a total different meal story...
While Stephen was conferencing/vacationing in Chicago, the kids and I really tried to "live it up" by having super fun dinners. Examples: corndogs one day, waffles another, mac and cheese another, and some RANDOM combination of things that Brooklyn came up with to go along with the corndogs. Here we have celery with cream cheese and strawberries and raisins. The ketchup is for the corndog, yet awfully close to that gingersnap cookie. Bordering the other side of the corndog is a strawberry between a bunch of raisins and craisins. Watch out Bobby Flay!
Here's the kids with my completed diaper bag project for Rebecca just outside the post office before we mailed it off. Now I finally feel like I have appropriately thanked her for watching my kids last summer while Stephen and I gallivanted around Yosemite. ;)

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