Thursday, April 28, 2011

Badgers at Home

Here are Ian's locks before they got all chopped off. They were cute like this, but of course, they never looked this way outside of the tub.
Here is our cobb salad dinner after the last session of conference. I think I've done this dinner at this time before. I don't know what it is about the good word of the gospel, but it sometimes whispers "cobb salad" to me at the end of a nice long weekend of general conference.
After dinner we headed out to the beach to try catching a sunset. It was okay, but nothing amazing like the ones our friend Aaron Rutman catches on his camera. You can peruse his website here. I have ordered a couple of his prints that are now hanging in my dining room and they have definitely raised the bar for my expectation of a San Diego sunset.

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Kalita Ulrich said...

ADORABLE your kiddos are so cute! Oh and the salad looks so yummy and healthy:)