Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fathers and Sons' Outing

Ian and Stephen went to their first Fathers and Sons' outing a few weekends ago. Since I wasn't there, I'll give my commentary based on my observations in the pictures. Maybe this will motivate Stephen to contribute and insert some truth and better background.Ian felt right at home with the guys. He found a chair fit for the littlest bear himself. No goldilocks allowed!

Ready for a hike!
Making it to a cool view. Brooklyn's friend Owen was disappointed that Brooklyn didn't show up. This year our ward opened it up to all children and their fathers, but Brookie had a b-day party to attend instead.
Ian posing for the camera with his headlamp. It's cool to wear one of these. Snow White's little guys did and go figure what a fair maiden/housekeeper that got them!
Ian waking up in a tent. Funny thing is, I mentioned to Stephen before he left that probably the best sleeping arrangement would be for him to snuggle right up with Ian in the same sleeping bag. Of course, several other arrangements were attempted until the final winning one was exactly what the doctor ordered. Ha ha
Anyone up for some pre-breakfast s'mores?
The handsome men after a "good night's sleep."
Yummy pancakes! Thanks, bishop!
Another hike. Love Ian's bedhead below.
Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's back to home we go!

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Rachel Pierce said...

That was a TON of fun updates, Desirae! Looks like you're keeping busy and creative. I love the Princess Tiana party!