Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brooklyn's Little World

Brooklyn has long enjoyed posing for pictures. Now she thinks it's a really cool trick to sneak around and play photographer. Here are a few of her latest poses, creations, and snapshots. "Mom, take a picture of me"
Brooklyn,"Mom can I please do finger painting today?"
Me, "Okay, but first I need to clean up the patio."
Brooklyn then proceeded to take care of the clean-up herself. Ian supervised.
Here's a very candid picture Brooklyn got of her brother. Kinda funny I think.
Here she snapped one of Stephen working on some pizza dough.
Finally, Brooklyn displays her paintings. Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to do art with my child. Since you've returned home, she has a huge interest in all things art. She now sits and colors for nearly an hour at a time and often invites me to join her.


Megan said...

love these! I can't believe how light Ian's hair is!!!

Desirae said...

It looks darker now since I've buzzed it again for the summer!