Friday, June 11, 2010


Which gal, based on the picture below, appears to live 3 miles from the beach? Not me! Who has the tiniest waist with little or no effort? Not me, again! This is a classic case of t-shirt-tanned mom meets bronzed bathing beauty In spite of my jealousy, we had a great time dressing in seaweed skirts, boogie boarding, strolling in the sand, and splashing around in the ocean with Rosalia and friends when they came to visit. Thanks for allowing this girls-only outing without the lovely little ones, Stephen! Much appreciated!
In case you're wondering, no I am not pregnant.
Rosalia sending messages in the sand.
I call this the Bathsheba picture. Rosalia again.
The toyota jump. The grace and beauty award again goes to.....Rosalia.
Heading for some waves, Rosalia, me, and Sydni


Amelia said...

Desirae, you don't look pregnant for a single second! Adorable suit though!

Jess~ca said...

Ya'll are so cute :) and that looks like so much fun, I'm Jealous!!!

Rosalia Badger Long said...

I'm excited to see the pictures! Oh, and who is the cute skiiiinny skiiinny mother of two beautiful babies??? DESIRAE!! I hope I can look as good as you after two kiddos! You look great!