Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We visited a park in La Verne where they had real snow for the kids to play with.
And there were sled rides...
which the kids thoroughly enjoyed
The snow was fun, but we were ill dressed for it. Luckily our friends let us borrow some gloves for Brookie.
The snow was so compacted, it felt really hard, like ice almost.
But that didn't stop Brooklyn from making snowballs, which felt more like ice rocks.
That didn't stop her from throwing them repeatedly at me and Ian.
Ian was a little confused.
He enjoyed feeling and tasting the snow. No surprise there.
Brooklyn, being herself.

Sorry, Ian. You don't stand a chance at returning any of those snow rocks. Give it another few years. Ask your uncle T.J., your time will come.
In the meantime, thanks for being a good sport!
And trying your best.
The snow angel attempt, by no surprise, left exactly NONE of the desired impression.

I know she noticed, but she didn't comment to me that the Santa we saw here was a different ethnicity than Christmas Eve's Santa.
Unfortunately, they wouldn't pose together. But the pictures are not bad, anyway.
If nothing else, I am thoroughly amused and constantly entertained by spending these precious years of life with these kids.
Childhood. You gotta love it.

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