Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Adam

I remember reading a funny book in grade school called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was about these kids who were kinda rough around the edges, and they gave an annual nativity skit their own flavor by using slang in the dialogue.This year, grandpa Glade tried to make sure we did NOT make light of the Christmas story. The kids really tried to behave, but check out these angels with attitude!
This little lamb (and his runny nose) didn't even make it through the opening credits...
But the hoodie was cute while it lasted!
The wise men... w a i t i n g for their turn
The smallest angel, peering
Dad taking over so mom can catch some of the comedy...
Cousin Lilly, giddy-up cowgirl!
For unto us a child is born!
We come bearing gifts!
We did it!
the clean-up crew
Brooklyn's got her treasure hunt bag in hand and is seeing how much candy she can sneak before getting caught.
No, Christmas would not be complete without a Christmas Adam. (It's the day before Christmas Eve, and the day when all the McKendricks and now Merkleys get together for dinner and a nativity skit.)

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