Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Climber

For those of you who are not family, this is probably way too many pictures of the same scene, but I'm trying to show how Ian climbs around these days. He uses any number of things as his step stools. This time, it was a pink plastic barbie chair.
Once he reaches the table top, he points and begs. (Don't you just love the artful smudges that live on our mirrors?)
With a little help, this kid can almost stand as tall as his older sister.
Now he eyes something on the other counter of the kitchen, so here he maneuvers again to the ground.

First he has to pause for a few seconds to smile for the camera... then the mission continues.Brooklyn is being herself in the background. Probably she is hoping to catch some of the camera's attention.
Wait a minute, he thinks, why does my target keep evading me?
His persistence reminds me of someone else I know... and love.
Does anyone else's kid want to enter the contest for length of time that a tongue is held outside of the mouth?
Mom, why is that flash still going?
"Eeeh" translates nicely into either, "I want it," or "Give it to me now."
He has to be quick to either keep up with or escape his big sister.

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