Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The last weekend of June, we had some fun out-of-town visitors, Mark and Tracy and family.  We only got to see them for a day, so of course we headed to the nearest beach, La Jolla Shores.  Ryan, Tracy's brother, also came down from L.A. to visit too.  He was such a good sport.  He actually encouraged the girls to cover him in wet sand when Tracy and I were trying to get them to stop!  These girls always obey their mothers though, so you can guess which voice they listened to ... not ours!
Brooklyn loved shadowing her big cousin Alyssa...
that is, when she wasn't following her dad.
After dinner, the moms needed some relief from the kids while we cleaned up dinner and made chocolate chip cookies.  The dads so willingly and graciously accepted the suggestion, the first time it was mentioned (wink, wink!), to take the kids for a wagon ride down the trail behind our house.    Thanks for the nice set of wheels, Papa Mac!  This wonder of a wagon can comfortably fit a whole band of Badgers!  Although, they really seem more like rug rats sometimes!  If you only knew what was hiding behind those innocent smiles!  Ha!


Ruth said...

very fun posts!

Pip said...

That wagon gets some seriously good use!