Saturday, January 12, 2013

This and That, Old Stuff

 I'm still trying to catch on blog stuff, so here's a few pictures from the end of October and some of November.  It was moving time for us, so not much picture-worthy moments.  Above, our dad and some little munchkin helpers are washing the car at my parents house in preparation for the big trip up to Modesto.
 Above, Ian shows an orange from our tree out back.  We are so excited to have a lemon and an orange tree!  There's also a rosemeary bush and some lavender out there too.  Lots of possibilities in the kitchen with these fresh home-grown fruits and herbs! Happiness!
Ian celebrated his birthday in a huge elaborate party - not.  We just had a couple friends over for a gourmet dinner a la Costco frozen food section of orange chicken and pot stickers.  We also couldn't break tradition and enjoyed a nice whipped cream and strawberry topped birthday cake for dessert. 
 The boys playing together in the morning.  Apparently Jack was in the middle of changing out of his P.J.'s and into normal clothes and I just couldn't waste a moment of time here, the pictures had to be snapped before the child was dressed completely! Sorry for the partial nudity!  Showing off his baby brawn he was, I guess.
 I can't believe I'm the mom of two boys now(a girl too)! My boys have a brother!  They seem to have this natural bond, and of course they Ian has to show his seniority by roughing around with the little guy already.  No intentional injuries have been suffered thus far, to my knowledge. 
Last week Ian came home with a pledge/New Year's resolution to play nicely with and love his brother.  I couldn't hope for anything more.
Some extra friends appeared ready to rumble for learning time one morning. 

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