Sunday, January 13, 2013


 Twas the night before Christmas and out on the couch, the kids left a treat and a note for Santa's pouch.  The note read: "Dear Santa, I'm sorry I lost the dust. I hope you found our home okay.  Love, Brooklyn.  P.S.  I have something for the elves to remember me and Ian."  The other note said simply "Merry Christmas" with some cute little stars and a Christmas tree.  The odd-shaped object in the foreground is a wrapped gift for santa and the elves.  I can't even remember what it was, a play dinosaur or figurine of some sort.  I love our little writer!  The dust thing was because Santa had sent Brooklyn a note a few weeks back and asked her to sprinkle this Christmas confetti on our doorstep so he could find our house easily.  We got a little excited though and sprinkled it on our back patio too early and a few days of good rainfall scattered the "elf dust" throughout the backyard.
 Though I didn't snap a picture of the full scene (maybe it's on the other camera), here we at least got some images of the kids on Christmas morning getting first use of their new toys and things.  Brooklyn right away made some keychains for her and her new friend Addi.  Ian bundled up in his new robe started play fighting with some power rangers.  The kid lucked out, he heard the warning many a time about the whole coal deal in the stocking for kids who were on the naughty list.  He was sincerely convinced this would be his fate.  Santa did leave a note though that Ian would have to earn the last 2 Power Rangers from his parents based on his good behavior.
 After Christmas, Brooklyn asked me, "Do you think Santa or his elves shop in regular stores?  Or do they just make things exactly the way the stores do.  The squinkies I got from Santa looked exactly like the ones we bought Addi for her birthday."
 A day or two after Christmas I realized Jack is overdue for a monthly photo shoot.  So here he is at just a little over 11 months.  He loves being part of an active loving family.  If the kids are rolling around on the ground with them, he'll nuzzle his head on them and take a big bite!  He's gotta put those new chompers to good use I guess!
 One day during the break we occupied ourselves with some foil.  The kids created some armor and other curious things.
 Here I was trying to get a silhouette of Jack so I can trace it onto some black paper and fill the matching photo frame that is ready and waiting for it.  It's hanging blank on the wall.  Do you know how hard it is to get this guy to stay still for a second?  nearly impossible.  That's why I also haven't trimmed his long, stray, wild hairs either!
 Who can resist those deep brown eyes?  I can't believe I've got a brown-eyed baby!  They're not even Stephen's color.  It's so fun to see the variety of features that kids inherit!

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