Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Stuff

 Ian's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast- love those head pieces-too funny!
 Guess which letter we talked about this day for learning time? (The orange in the cupcake tin is called a cutie or sometimes a California Clementine, as a hint ;)
 This is probably this biggest expanse of rainbow I've ever seen.  I looked again and saw another rainbow above the first, a little lighter though.
 I saved my milk bottle lids for what seemed like a year (not really though) in order to finally put these little alphabet stickers on them...all 27 letters.  Thanks Jen M. for always inspiring us to do fun learning time activities, and for purchasing preschool materials online in large quantities! ;)
 Our expressive 4 year-old

 And his wiggly little brother! That six-tooth smile gets me every time!  Clearer and more recent photos coming soon!
Lily our neighbor came over one morning for a playdough date.  We pretended to make a zoo with the cookie-cutter animal shapes.
 Bath time for Ian.  He does not like to make faces...
 or play it cool.  Not one bit.
 On another day, here's a glimpse of Ian joining in on mom's exercise time - a.k.a. an excuse for Ian to wear the sleeveless hand-me-down Thomas the Train shirt.  Recently Ian asked me, "Mom, don't you need to do some Denise Austin today?"  The cat's out of the bag.  I totally have a Denise Austin work-out video that I got after testing out my mom's copy of it at her house.  She's been around forever, but I like how upbeat and happy she is, not all crazy, mean, and intense like a lot of other instructors this days who just think they are a gift to the world and think that their body is SO INSANELY AWESOME!  Anyway... I'm off the soapbox now.
After I took the picture of Ian in the bath, I had to go peak in and get a shot (modest of course!) of his big sister in her shower.  Yes, Amy C. taught me that when kids are in kindergarten in her house, they become self-bathers and it's in the shower.  Funny thing is, she often begs to bathe with her brothers.  She's too old for that now though.  Growing pains.
It's a mystery how these pictures got jumbled out of order.
 I love finding notes all around the house from our newest reader and writer in the family.  This sign describes her outfit and hairdo plan for the tall-short dance at school the next day.  The tall-short theme just means that each student is to bring a parent to groove with.  Brooklyn of course went with her dad.  I don't blame her.  He'd be my top pick too.
Sign translation: "Hairdo:  braid in one pigtail and then pigtail plain."

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