Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun Stuff

 Ian is just being his creative little self.
 Ever wonder how to burn hard boiled eggs?  Wonder no more.  Just set the sauce pan to boil and forget about it! ;)  You may hear a popping sound at some point and then you will find this.
 Best buddies and brothers!
 Brooklyn's Christmas performance.  She's giving me "the look" because I totally arrived 10 minutes late and MISSED the whole thing!  I felt so terrible!  Luckily she's a forgiving gal.
 Here's Ian's Christmas nativity at preschool.  He was a shepherd. 
 A little distracted, anyone?
 Just trying to add a little something extra, I guess.
 The girls were so cute. They made perfect little angels and a very sweet Mary.
 Here's Brooklyn with my cousin Broklyn on her wedding day in the dress her mother made her.  My Brooklyn drew a picture of it and wanted to pose with the Bride who nearly shares her name.  I'm so sad that I didn't have the flash on my camera!  I'll have to get some better pictures of her.  It was very intricately detailed and unique.  All those layers of ruffles and lace reminded me of another December wedding last year...

 Brooklyn made a face of her snack foods at Ninie's house.
 Brooklyn shows her new puppy that she got for her friend's special birthday outing at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  Thanks Sandi! :)
 Light saber time

 Jack practicing the piano
 just like his big sis

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