Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter with Family

 The kids and I took a trip up to my parents place in L.A. for spring break and Stephen joined us for the weekend.  We enjoyed exercising together, going on wagon rides, visiting museums downtown, eating lots of delicious food, and staying up late catching up with each other. Here is one exercise session.  Notice the contrast in these two pictures of these simultaneous exercise sessions occurring in different rooms of the same house. Stephen did a serious session of P90 in the front room while Calvin hooked up a dance party for the kids and a few of us anonymous adults in the bonus room. ;)
 Daisy the Drama Queen
 Desirae the nursing queen
 My sister played amateur photographer with some staged group shots of all the cousins.
 One can only imagine the fun we had trying to photograph eight kids under the age of eight years.
 This shot was particularly telling.
 The older boys were pretty cooperative though.
 Here's the oldest and youngest grand kids.
 The GQ "big boys"

 the older half of the cousins
 the ride home
FYI: Brooklyn's cute purple scab is the proof of a super fun wagon ride involving Dads and kids (both dads and kids in the wagon at the same time) and a grassy hill at a nearby schoolyard.

 nap time for the boys
 They were all in the same room.
 This is after church on Easter Sunday. Dad was the only one not color-coordinated, and thus stood behind the camera.
 Brooklyn and Lilly
 Me and my younger, cuter sister

 Calvin and family
 Calvin and his hot wifey affectionately referred to as "CarolITA."
 Calvin, Jack, and Cameron, a.k.a. "Bam-bam," for reasons Jack now understands
 Hunt time!

 Home again

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