Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Gathering

 Here are some pictures of the family get-together we had on the day Jack was blessed.  Sadly, I was so busy capturing our visiting guests that I neglected to get a good photo of the all-star himself!  There will be plenty other pictures of him in posts to follow though.  So sorry, big guy!  
You rocked it though!
 Pip practiced her amateur photography skills.  Here's a 3-generation shot of some beautiful women I know.
 Caden ready to run.
 Cam-cam resting on his momma.
 Pip and Lilly
 Grandma Bickmore
 Stephen and Brookie.  Stephen and I stayed up late the night before preparing our crock-pot picnic lunch of pulled pork for sandwiches and baked beans.  I can't believe I missed a picture of the food spread too!  Mom, Jeff, and Pip did some fruit salad.  Dessert was good ol' white cake with whipped cream and strawberries!  The Badger side of the family was remembered sweetly!
 Calvin and Bam-Bam (Cameron) with Brookie and Caleb in the foreground.
Thanks Mom and Pip for planning and staging our treasure hunt for the kids.  I knew that left-over Easter candy would be good for something!  
I remember being worried with my other two babies that they might cry during their baby blessing, but neither of them did.  I had no doubt at all that Jack would be a good boy during his.  Someone in the circle said that Jack was just looking up at all the men and watching them.  He is a happy baby.  For that I am forever grateful!

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