Sunday, August 8, 2010

Relaxing @ the Ranch

Anyone up for a truck ride to pick some

Drew and Alyssa decorated some t-shirts.
The girls' (Brooklyn & Alyssa) daily uniform at the ranch included some fancy Stetson hats (not pictured here, but see Tracy's blog). Ian tried to be a biker boy with this helmet. It lasted about 2 seconds.
We spent some time listening to Alyssa's favorite Justin Beaber song, "Baby," and a few of Tracy's favorite tunes including Katy Perry's "California Girls."
Me and my soaking pants. I was not a good sport about going swimming. Maybe it was the opaque water. So I thought I could get away with pushing Ian in a floating boat thing while walking safely (and mostly dryly) around the pool's edge. Well, the slanted side of the pool edge got a little steep and slippery/slimy in one spot, so I unexpectedly took a plunge just as Tracy was saying, "Hey Desimac, why don't you..." (I'm pretty sure she was asking why I didn't just wear a swimsuit.) Thanks, Trace.
On the Friday evening that we were passing through in L.A. on our return trip home to San Diego, I got a phone call from Tracy with a tempting offer for me and the kids to join her and her kids for a week long visit to her family's ranch in Jackson, CA. So, just when I thought I was all vacationed-out, we said yes and joined Tracy and kids in the blue Odyssey the next morning for another memorable drive and week. It was so relaxing! We ate, put together puzzles, picked blackberries, swam, danced, laughed, watched movies, ate ice cream, and of course chased little children around too! All in all, it was a week well spent in rest and relaxation with cousins my sister-in-law. Thanks again Tracy Badger and Pam & Brad Anderson !

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