Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to Baseball

After three weeks of travel, I was so excited to be home. When we got home Friday, Stephen had really cleaned up the apartment. (*brownie points!* I love it when he "surprises" me like that!) Saturday, we enjoyed a family outing to Petco Park for the Scripps Annual Night at the Ballpark. Here are some things we saw there.
I love the ambiance of the live baseball game experience. Here in San Diego, we get all the sights and sounds of downtown.
cop cars
and picnic under the big white tents
We didn't score the cool hats like last year, but we really "lucked out" with these multipurpose signs as the evening's give-away. They later doubled as sun shades. Our seats weren't as awesome as the ones we got last year.
So, to pass the time while the sun would be setting in our eyes from our fantastic seats, we checked out the other venues down below. Including some face painting.
That was once a baseball. What, you couldn't tell?
The boys eating peanuts.
I really really tried to get something "technical" or at least Padre's-oriented out of the game this year. No such luck. Maybe next year!

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