Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playtime and the Payson Pool

The under 5 crowd had a hayday in Halli's playroom.

The next pictures were from the Payson pool in Utah. It was so much fun that I hardly took any pictures! There was a lazy river, two big slides for the adults and older kids, two little slides and a huge water playground for the little kids, plus a lap pool with diving boards as well as a grassy area and a few shaded tables. Stephen and I only planned to stay a couple of hours before heading toward home and staying the night in St. George, but we didn't leave 'till 8 PM!
The payson pool is definitely a popular favorite in the summertime. When we arrived, we had to wait in line for people to exit the facility because it was already at its 800 person capacity. It was well worth it though.
Much cheaper than 7 peaks or Raging Waters, but still just as fun. Bethany was a better photographer on this day, so hopefully she'll share her pic's! (No pressure!)
In the evening Bethany and Rich did a Little Cesar's run. Thanks guys! Yum! What a fun way to spend our last day of the Badger reunion! Let's start planning for next year and hopefully everyone can make it. We sure did miss Mark and David's families :(

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Ruth said...

Payson? Are you guys ever home? I love the latest posts and pictures - adorable kids.