Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Boat Day

Muscle time. Nothin' like a life jacket to beef up scrawny kids like these.
Don't let Bridger's size fool you. His climbing skills rival those of spider-man and his Kung-Fo-inspired agility would frighten even the bravest dragon warrior.
Some of us enjoyed a nice ride on the inner tube. Lucky!
I love Halli's crinkle-nosed expression here.
The boys chillin' on the boat.
Stephen caught some air. Show-off.
I was just glad to remember how to get up and stay there. I've been wake boarding once and it was about 9 years ago, just days before I met Stephen.
I love that Ted chose to wear this apron to his own family reunion:
Rich. Smooth as ever.
Max's fort.

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