Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Beyond Zebra

Before heading off to what would become a three week traveling vacation, we visited the San Diego Zoo. For some reason, Brooklyn's little face fit this mask just perfectly.

That Monday afternoon, way back in early July, we left the zoo and drove up to L.A. to spend a few days with my family before attending the Badger family reunion in Utah and Idaho.
The kids reluctantly helped wash the car.
Brooklyn and Ian dutifully exercised and fed the dog every morning, very early.
Brooklyn secretly continued polishing her photography skills. Cousin Lilly and the dolls and animals in Nini's play room were the lucky subjects of this shot.
Nini smiling. Not annoyed one bit by the little visiting general.
Calvin, organizing some seriously fun water activities. What would we do without our self-appointed recreation guide?
Summertime +
wild and crazy cousins +
slip&slide, funky small inflatable slide + leaky hose =
fun for all ages and lifetime memories
Now photo documenting the important aspects of the journey, our amateur photographer, yours truly, You-Know-Who.
The posed smiles crack me up.

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Pip said...

Babe I love these pics. Way to blog it up sis! I'm worried about Brookies's sedzy sadie pic though. I can only imagine what here future profile pics will look like on social networking sites :). I'm cracking up right now! I also love YOUR updated profile pic. So cute, I really do love it.