Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Nursery Toys

Are finally sanitized and organized... or at least they were!Our ward has 3 nursery groups. Among the first items of business in my new calling was to clean those toys! I've only so cleaned 2 of the 3 rooms, but feel like things are looking a lot better. I should have had before and after photos, but alas, I wasn't that organized!
This next one is the only photo I could find of this closet, but obviously, this is not completely finished. It looks better now with the top all cleared off.
Brooklyn and Ian were good helpers. They pretty much tasted all the toys and didn't get sick. That doesn't mean I dirtied a bajillion disinfectant wipes in the process. We even had a slumber party with one set of large-scale legos while they dried off in our bathroom one night after getting a good tubbie!


brooke said...

hats off to you for doing that desirae! that makes me SOOO happy!

Ruth said...

Well now we know who to thank for the beautiful, organized closets. Way to go!

Rachel said...

Yay for sanitizing and organizing nursery toys. Ours hadn't ever been done since we moved here, and even though I wasn't the nursery leader, I snuck in one Saturday and cleaned and organized the closet. Sooo satisfying (and a tad anal, but who cares :)