Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sidewalk Art, Anyone?

Our neighbors even joined the fun on this one. We first drew one of Brooklyn's friends, then I traced Brooklyn, then we traced Ian and Ellie (Ellie is a month younger than Ian.)
Later that day when Stephen returned from work, the artwork expanded even more to include an outline of me and one of him. Pretty hillarious. I commented that I looked like a green monster. Of course, Brooklyn repeated quoted me on that one a few times throughout the day. So Stephen tried to "beautify" and enliven me by adding some awesome hair. Actually, I looked like a broom head, so he wasn't too far off...
Stephen looked like a tall basketball player. I'll try to get those pic's on the camera. It's funny because all 5 of our other neighbors have walked on these murals now for the past couple of weeks or more. I keep meaning to wash them off with some water, but.... they're slowly fading anyway.

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