Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Cake to Decorate

We have the sweetest neighbor, Jen. who made this cake just for Brooklyn. I have to admit, we felt pretty special to have such a fancy, original treat made for us, I mean, Brooklyn!The cake was like a fish tank, and Brooklyn got to decorate it with a look-alike of her fish Zoe as well as several other realistic salt-water sea creatures. (Zoe has replaced Cookie, who bit the dust long ago. Brooklyn will gladly share the details, if you ever want them.) Here is a pic. of Brooklyn and Zoe.
Below is the final product of the cutest ever fish cake. Try to ignore messed-up hairdo involving small braids, that's a whole different story.
Even the finger-lickin' faux-fondant was soooo good! Thanks Jen! That was such a thoughtful and wonderful thing for you to do! You and your fellow sculptor, Derek are amazingly talented!
We enjoyed every last bite of it! And a good portion of the fondant, too!


Kalita Ulrich said...

How cute!!! She looks sooo happy!

Ruth said...

What a darling idea. I love it!!! What a beautiful girl you've got.

Jess~ca said...

Awe cute! it looks delicious and now I want some cake!!