Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blue Day

Sometimes you don"t realize that you're in a certain "color mood" until you notice that you've dressed more than one person in that color.
Here Brooklyn is reading a touch and feel puppies and kittens book while I finish getting ready for the day.
Ian brushes his teeth. See the pink toothpaste?
Now a photo shoot attempt

This last picture is to show Ian's hair. It has grown in pretty evenly! I think it's about due for a trim!


The Badger family said...

Ians getting so big. Can you believe he is almost 1? I can't believe Ella is 6 months old and is starting to crawl. I am jealous that your kids have such great hair. Ella is following in her siblings footsteps and is still as bald as ever. We won't see hair on he till she is about 2. Oh well that is why they make those big hair things for babies heads right? I hope all is well.

Desirae Badger said...

Thanks, Tracy!

evelyn said...

Your children look great. Blue is my favorite color. Keep up the good work. BADGER DAD

C4 McKendrick said...

Spoken like a TRUE BRUIN! I love blue days, they go so well with so many things like... the sky, the ocean, the eyes... I could go on, but I'll spare you the mushy stuff.

Ruth said...

You guys are always matching. Those kids are so cute.

Pip said...

nice job on Ian's hair babe! He looks so handsome! I know it doesn't stay like that though :(