Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finally the Pictures!

 There's no place like our new (rented) home for the holidays.  Here is Stephen and the kids ready for a walk while I finish the Butternut Squash soup that everyone LOVED (wink, wink).
 Stephen is thrilled to see that Brooklyn's bike is leaning up against his car right here.  oops!
 Ian on his new bike.  He's been rockin' the 2-wheeler for almost a year now.  No training wheels needed thanks to the balance bike.

 The dining room and kitchen area
 kitchen again
 living room, to the right of the kitchen, very open
we like it
 the front room
usually bare without the deco's, still working on filling the white spaces
this is what you see on your left when you first enter the house
 this is what you see straight ahead and to the right when you first walk in the doorway
 Brooklyn's room
 Ian's room/craft storage
This started off as the craft room, but ended up as Ian's bedroom, with a craft wall still in place.
Of course, now that we've moved Ian out of B's room, he prefers to sleep on the floor in her room anyway, not much different than when his bed used to be in there.  Can you see how Ian uses little links from our learning time materials to suspend his superhero action figures from the wire shelves?  Gotta love it.
We feel so blessed to have nearly doubled our living space.  Modesto isn't the picturesque paradise of San Diego, but we love having a place of our own.  Stephen's new job isn't a bad gig either.  Thanks for being assertive Honey Badger!  ;)


Carl and Amber said...

Congrats on a house!!! You've waited a long time for that extra space :).

Ruth said...

I didn't even know about the job and move! I hope you guys are doing great. It looks like you are. Happy New Year!

Jess~ca said...

Yay for pictures, I am so happy for y'all! All of that awesome space to fill :) congratulations on the new job and getting into a house, woop woop!

evelyn said...

I agree that having a house is a great improvement. Enjoy! Badger Dad