Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Days in San Diego

We didn't know it at the time, but these were our last photo shots of our lives in San Diego.
Above Ian sorted his crayons.  I love how the dog figurine made its way into the scene.
Here is one of Ian's last little sport classes.  We loved Coach Curry!  She was great at teaching our little tykes the basics of a variety of classic sports.  Unfortunately, Ian will forever remember this day as the time that A.J., the instructors very athletic son, "hit me in the privates." A.J. hit a line drive and Ian was right in the path of the ball (not pictured here).  I still can't convince Ian that it was really a mistake!
Here is our big boy looking so grown up in his rugby shirt!
Here Jack is holding steady to his big brother to get a better view of the computer.  I love how his left hand is placed on Ian's shoulder. So cute these two little guys!
This was the last visit to us in San Diego that these two lovely ladies made.  I think they were down to see Brooklyn and Ian's Primary program at church.
Here are some freshly cooked summer peaches or apricots before they became baby food.  I was loving the sweet smell that lingered in the kitchen after boiling these.
My tough guy

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