Friday, March 4, 2011

Children's Museum of Escondido

Welcome, February! I love that it's Museum Month here in San Diego again! This year our first stop was to the Children's Museum of Escondido. It was quite the bargain price, but then when we stepped inside I realized that the small size of the place could precisely account for the "steal of a deal." However, the kids played for hours on end because there was tons to do! Even better, the moms didn't have to cart our cargo around to different places; we could just hang out and chat forEVER on some benches in the nice warm sunlight outside. So that is exactly what we did. The kids were getting into everything that their little hands could touch, feel, grab, and manipulate without getting "busted" and without messing up our own places. What a treat for everyone!
These pictures are out of order. The aprons are from the water table.
Water is definitely NOT a welcome plaything in our home. Even big splashing at bath time has made it to the "Thou Shall Not" list of house rules.
Bubbles GALORE! Also something that takes supervision at home since we don't have a yard!
Lunch time! I love how Calvin is smiling in this picture. He and Graden both have a girl on each side of them. On another note, why I let Brooklyn out of the house with the fountain and bow hairdo, I will never know.
Is not a fireman costume the most ultra-cool thing a little boy could wear for dress-ups? Ian seems to think so.
Ah, there she is - our little STINKER!
She dressed the dog up. Very much a mother this girl is. Always wanting to take care of the little creatures.
This last picture is for the "Elder Badger" (spoken in any number of languages) who sent us the stacking babushcas that look like the one on this apron. David? Eric? We treasure those dolls!

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Eric says it was David. Sorry. He will have to make up for that ;)