Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

We had so much fun celebrating Valentines Day on a Sunday last year, that we had to repeat it once more! Sunday is such a great day for good ol' non-comercialized family bonding. So we started the day out with this yummy breakfast. Cover your eyes, Cindy! It's full of white flour and sugar and topped off with some homemade whipped cream! At least I threw some fresh fruit on it. That counts for something, right? Next time I'll try and throw in some whole wheat flour...maybe.

Thank goodness Brookie's v-day dress still fits and even better, she still chooses to wear it regularly to church...probably because I hound her about appreciating stuff I spend hours making for her. ;)
"No, you sit by me!" They both say to each other. These kids are stubborn!
Finally, they met somewhere in the middle. Thank goodness for compromises!
The family portrait... and Stephen must be crouching, because we all know he's taller, right?
Some candid shots of the men vying for dominance.

Finally, smiles prevail!
The gals.
The dessert I made was from the book next to the plate. The picture is on the front cover, but I changed my torte to have fresh fruits (and powdered sugar) everywhere instead of just filling the heart with cherry pie filling. Hence the heart is a little difficult to see.
My moment of baker's pride.


Unknown said...

Haha, love your message. I didn't cover my eyes: it was too pretty and looked too yummy. I would maybe modify things a little, throw in some whole grain somewhere and cut down on added sugars...but you had lots of fruit! :) Think of all the nutrients you got! Plus, if I had a kitchen like yours I would want to bake all the time, too. I'll have to work on my cooking skills so I stay away from refined ingredients favored in baking...

Desirae Badger said...

Funny thing that I just changed my post before seeing your comment. What I mostly changed were the comments directed toward you. Stephen said it sounded mean and offensive. With the change I did mention trying to throw in some whole wheat flour next time and I also affirmed that the fruit counted for something, right? We're on the same wavelength I think!

Rosalia Badger Long said...

Desirae, you are beautiful and so accomplished! And that dish looks delicious! Love the family photo as well [=

Sondra said...

Desirae! Wow! That cake looks so gorgeous and delicious! You did a superb job!

ABick said...

oh my goodness des! your kids are so cute! Brooklyn looks just like you--it's crazy! but awesome as well! hope things are well!