Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Endure a Rainy WEEK

Just after those beautiful sunny days in January, we were hit with a week of torrential rain. We entertained ourselves, as usual. Wait, that was and is mostly Brooklyn's regular job, rain or shine.We strolled around the complex before it got too wet. Brooklyn struck many a wild pose for a fun photo shoot.
Can you tell she dresses (and snaps) herself?
Ian tried on a pair of big-girl rain boots.
Brooklyn (with a little help) fashioned her own new clothing line.
Finally, we jumped around in the bounce house at the mall between bursts of rain.
I wouldn't trade these moments or children for the world.

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Jess~ca said...

I swear your kiddos get CUTER AND CUTER every time I see a new picture of them. I just LOVE it!