Friday, February 19, 2010

Can we Entice You?

Attention ALL relatives and friends (in and out of state): We have upgraded our zoo passes to allow two adults in for free each time! In other words, if you come visit us, we'll take you to the zoo, for free! You might even catch these tigers at feeding time, like we did on our last venture.
Or this guy, who-knows-what... I think he could take a job in Vegas. You know, one of those look-alike statue posers. I didn't believe he was real until after we walked past him. He was standing so still.
Here's his friend, a mover.
The hippos were even sunbathing! How hippo-awesomeness is that? Why is it that every time I go to this zoo I think of some scene or another from Madagascar? This time the scene was from Madagascar II where the hippo Moto-moto was singing, "I'm round, I'm chunky"...etc.
The pandas were even up and about, without a long waiting line, either! Yippee! (Otherwise, we wouldn't have stopped to see them, because we were on our way up the jinormous hill!)
Terms and conditions to the free zoo: We only get one adult in free, in addition to me. Kids 3 and over still cost a small entrance fee. :( But we'd love to have you over anyway! :)

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Malerie said...

I know I'm not from out of state, or family, but we're in if you're willing to let us be your family for the day ;) We didn't get passes this year and boy are we missing that amazing zoo!