Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caden's 5th

As always, Calvin was a great party host! It was just natural for him to gather the kids around for some fun outdoor games.
Ian and friend, Jenna.
The Badger Boys, chillin'
Pinata time!

Pip looks a little worried. Don't know why - it's just a pinata, Pip! Lilly is safely seated in the stroller with her dad standing guard!
Speaking of the cutie....
The scramble for the sugar

Yes, it's a transformer cake! What do you think?
The Sanders hotties.
Papa and Ian reaching for the leaves. This was candid, too! I had to laugh about it.


evelyn said...

Your family activities are first class. Great memories. BADGER DAD

C4 McKendrick said...

WE'll have to make sure we load up that pinata better next time. The candy allotment was pathetic. yes, I'm a first timer.

Pip said...

nice pics babe. THere are a lot of good ones of Ian & my little Lil looks adorable!