Sunday, April 7, 2013

This and That

 Jack on his birthday

 Brooklyn's Rules about Camping (The translated version)
1.  Hike a hill.
2.  Find a cool bug.
3.  Let Mom or Dad tell a story
10.  Have Fun!
 This is a scene from a weekend when Mom was away in Oceanside for a girls' weekend.  An unkempt Brookie is painting an old vanity-turned desk that her dad purchased at the neighbor's yard sale.  Dad even let Brooklyn pick out her own paint color!  Mom wasn't too happy about the whole ordeal.  Her complaints: 1) dad overpaid for the desk.  He didn't even try to talk down the price!  2) The desk does not at all "go" with any of her other bedroom furniture.
The solution:  Brooklyn and Ian now share a bedroom again and the extra bedroom has now become a craft room/office.  The desk adds a nice pop of color and an old world map hangs above it.
 I braided Brooklyn's hair on Easter morning while we waited for Ian to wake up.
 Brooklyn tackles the monkey bars showcasing her character trait of perseverance.
 Happy Jack on Easter morning

 Getting ready for the hunt
 Ian perhaps couldn't find his robe tie and instead is using his karate belt??
 Game on!
A happy Ian who has just found is basket
 Jack pulls jelly beans from a crack in the sidewalk.  Others he chased down as they rolled toward the street.  Lovely. ;)

Sorry - out of order!  More evidence of the kids weekend make-over
 Brooklyn turned 7!!!
 Family pictures on Easter Sunday

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