Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still Catching Up!

 Jack is NOT a super eater.  So here's one of my attempts at a healthful smoothy for him.  I think it worked, but a blended up version of homemade chicken noodle soup on another day...flopped!
 The girls' weekend in Oceanside.  Thank you Chandler and Chip!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of us in the daylight on the shore just outside of this cutest-ever cottage!
 Brookie taste-testing the home-made "play group granola bars."  Thank you All and Nora for the inspiration. ;)
 Jack eating something curious.  Amazing.  I can't even tell what it is other than the partially-nibbled baby carrot shown in the foreground.
 Jack + favorite book + favorite blankie + naptime.  Look closely at the book.  I thought it was pretty cute that he decided to explore his sewing skills by threading the blankie through the cut-out windows of the book.
 Brooklyn and her BFF Addie went with Mom and Dad to John's Incredible Pizza for Brooklyn's birthday on Friday night, the day before her birthday this year.  This is their happy faces when they returned home.

 Brooklyn and Mom also went out to see the play Shrek at the local Gallo Center for the Arts.  It was our first venue there and they put on a pretty impressive show!  The characters and costumes looked so similar to those in the movie!  The actors really got into their characters and I am embarased to admit that I was totally in tears as I stood for the standing ovation at the end when the characters were all rockin' out to the Smashmouth song "I'm a Believer."

 A gift from our friends, a birthday outfit for Brooklyn.  She loved it.

 The brothers frolicking in the dirt outside.

There's a fine line between the cute and funny dirt exploration of a 1-year old and the attempt at some camera-attention using the same props from a 4-year-old.  Here marked the END of that photo session!


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