Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time with Ian

So Ian and I had a couple hours to kill between doctors appointment on the property of the Scripps La Jolla Hospital. Here are a couple of funny photos taken at the little gift shop there. I thought the lady at the gift shop would get bugged that I was just browsing with no intent to purchase something, but instead, she encouraged Ian to test out these motion-sensored Halloween decos that were spooky and funny. Dancing broomstick, anyone?? It was a strange thing for me to try and find things to fill time while wandering around a hospital, but I realized it was also a great time to give Ian my undivided attention. We had a snack at the cafeteria. We watched hummingbirds flit around a big tree with huge yellow blossoms. We watched the rain. Last, we tried to get a good glimpse of some newborn babies on the same floor where Ian was born nearly 3 years ago. Though the morning was completely unproductive in some aspects, (the appointments were very insignificant ones), I had a great time hangin' out with my favorite (then) 2-year-old.

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