Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pumpkin PATCH!

We were invited to visit a pumpkin patch with some friends and then carve pumpkins with them for Family Home Evening a week before Halloween. This pumpkin patch was created by some high school students as a fund raiser. We didn't realize this before our arrival, but quickly realized that the pumpkin prices were inflated and there were lots of other activities that required tickets or donations. Lucky for us, our kids are easy to please and creatively enjoyed themselves for free while helping us to pick out 1 pumpkin for each of the two families.
Wow, she's a natural, no?
If only he would open that wide for teeth-brushing time!
D.H.S.'s very own "Most Promising Actor," way back when? He's so camera shy too!
The wheelbarrows were the best. I couldn't stop laughing as I watched the kids and husbands bound through the straw paths with them. It was quite a sight. There may have been a race or two...
Time to carve! Our friends were so nice to allow Ian to help them out so much... while Stephen went to town with a slightly more INTRICATE pirate skull design....
The crack-up is that Ian wanted to use his own knife independently most of the time. He kept saying, "I can do it, I can do it!" When we'd try to offer our help. What's up with boys and their weapons??
The finished products:
My favorite part of the evening was munching on the freshly toasted pumpkin seeds. Thanks Sallee! YUM, YUM! Actually, it was more like a close second to watching the wheelbarrow races.

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