Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 4th

In my mind, Badger reunions come in 2 or 3 varieties. First there is the every-other-Christmas get together which usually takes place in DeRidder, Louisiana. Next there is the "some-one's-getting-married" reunion. Finally there's the more informal reunion, which lacks no amout of pressure to attend by the blood Badger spouse which reunion is called "Mom and Dad and Kimberly's family...(then quickly everyone else is added to the list) are ALL going to be in Utah, we GOTTA go!" We do appreciate Bethany and her tireless smile and willingness to sacrifice her house for these 3rd type of occasions. We had a great time bonding with all Badgers in attendance. As always, we missed those who could not attend.
This is a park near Bethany's house where we all played after our afternoon BBQ.
Taber has got a knack for frisbee-throwing!
The moms and babies camped out on the grass and supervised the kids on the playground.
The Fowler kids dominated the jungle gym, especially Bridger who crawled in and out, up and down and around those monkey bars as if there was nothin' to it!

I loved this sight. Bridger and Brooklyn attending to baby Gwenevere.

This was the second of 3 stops for us on our 4th of July. This is the back yard of my aunt Barbara and Uncle Morris's house in Provo. The 4th is a standard celebration here because it is also Uncle Morris' birthday. Sadly, Morris and Barbara are not pictured here.
Cameron McKendrick (my brother's 3rd and youngest boy) charmed me with his brown eyes, thin, stick-straight hair, and bright blue Bruins T-shirt.
The amazingly delicious and festive cake. Not pictured: the equally amazing and yummy home-made by Aunt Ruth corn dogs.
Visiting Temple Square in S.L.C. was a fun outing. I just wish I had thought to recharge my camera battery the night before! By the time we got to our first real destination, my camera was useless.
I really appreciated the opportunity to see the new Joseph Smith movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. while Rebecca and others (Jana? Kimberly? Am I missing someone else?) stayed behind and tended a BIG batch of little kids. Thank you, ladies!

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