Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday WEEK!

I know the green boogie is a little too much information, but it's a sad truth that we've all passed around that lovely changing-of-the-seasons cold even during birthday week! Stephen, Ian and I all have birthdays to celebrate within 5 days. I'm the lucky one with the job of planning "sufficient celebrations" for the three of us while still leaving room in our budget for Christmas and anniversary in December. Lucky for us, Brooklyn has been cheerleading our every candle-blowing, red-plate-using event without too much jealousy. She creatively finds ways to steal the show, I mean participate in all the fun. The morning of Ian's b-day, I told her that I was bringing cupcakes to the stroller group. As I was gathering stuff up, she came out dressed to party, like so. She is a barrel of laughs, that girl!
Ian's b-day got the biggest formal recognition on his b-day this year because we went as a family, on his b-day, to the Children's Museum in downtown San Diego. It was our first time, and we were not disappointed. I'm cracking up at the thought that Stephen is probably wearing the EXACT same work outfit as he sported last year at Ian's b-day. Can you tell he took a short break from his workday to celebrate with us?
These chariots were fun!
Brooklyn was in heaven with crafts galore! Here she's learning how to create a birdhouse.
There was some artwork on display on that tree. So cute and crafty, yet super modern looking in the building.
Outdoors, Ian and Lilly (cousin) played with clay. My sister, her two girls, and my mom joined us there at the museum, THANKS GALS! I'm loving that tradition they started last year of coming down to celebrate with Ian on his big b-days!
This was the rain house. There was water sprinkling up from the roof, then running down to the drains which then recycled the water back up through the sprinkler system on the roof. It made a cool sound inside and the kids had these big puzzle mats to play with inside of the house.
Ian and his grandma checked out the Trojan horse.
They also gave the climbing wall a whirl.
Stephen and Brookie created a flying turkey out of paper cups.
Ian and Lilly near the felt wall with Nienie
The outdoor bubble station
The artist at work
Good-bye! We'll be back soon!
Ian thought he was sooo cool sticking his legs into these holes in the sidewalk where the trees stood.
The tool belt.
And the harmonica that he couldn't part with
Happy Birthday, big guy!

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