Monday, November 8, 2010

My How They've GROWN!

I'll have to find an old picture of these two way back as babies. It's crazy that these were the first two McKendrick cousins of their generation, and now they seem so BIG! Caden's in first grade, and is too cool to hug his mom when she drops him off at school!
If that day ever comes for me, I think I'll cry! Wait a minute, on second thought, I'll probably do something really embarrassing that will get ALL of my child's friends' attention so that next time my child will just hug instead of risk the other alternative. (I am so my Dad! Yikes!)
Anyway, back to pumpkin patch, no back to hugging! Caden used to run up to me and give me big "Aunt Desi" hugs, but nowadays, he's reluctant. Caleb hasn't outgrown them yet. Ian sometimes punks me out though. I'll ask him for a hug, and when he gives me the "no" look, Brooklyn will run over and give me a hug. Thank you, Brookie!

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