Friday, November 5, 2010

Only a Month Behind

So much time, so few posts! Sorry we've been MIA on the blog scene lately. Here's a brief update. Ian (and Brooklyn, not pictured) enjoyed the finger painting activity that Brooklyn earned from her parents by participating in the Primary program this year in sacrament meeting. She knows most of songs from the Children's songbook, but for some reason, shied away from participating in the primary's sacrament singing on Mother's Day and Easter this year, so we had to go with a worked.

Here's a reading time so quiet that...
Stephen actually caught a little snooze. Notice how shamu got booted off the trampoline, poor guy!
Brooklyn has been practicing reading and making simple words. I love the phonetic spellings she came up with. It makes sense to me!

His and her Mr. (and Mrs.) Potato head glasses
I'm loving the trade of babysitting Lorenzo in exchange for a haircut. He is such a cutie with those HUGE brown eyes! No, this is not a subtle announcement, but Ian loved playing the older sibling part.
My husband and children love the idea of a new baby in the home...
I just don't know if I'm ready for a year of fragmented nighttime shut-eye. How did our mothers ever do it without a complaint?


Jana said...

I LOVE Brooklyn's spelling experiments! And while we're on the topic, teacher/mom extraordinare, what kind of preschool and reading prep have you done with Brookie? I'm always on the lookout for pro advice!

Elise said...

Ohhhh, I'm sure our mothers complained. I mean, come on! It's hard.
Anyway, very cute pictures!