Monday, November 22, 2010

Abby's 4th B-day

It was so fun to celebrate Abby's birthday at her Cinderella party. Christy (Abby's mom) was so sweet to include both of my kids on the invite and in her planning of the goody bags. Brooklyn got Cinderella stuff while Ian's trinkets were all Mickey Mouse. The Cinderella cake was so delicious! I ate the whole chunk that was sent home for the family to "share." Oops!
I am cracking up at the progression of Ian's faces in these pictures.
There's our birthday girl in front! It was a beautiful day at the park by the beach.
Sometimes Brooklyn is a little too helpful in unveiling the gift despite my many reminders to "Step away from the present," and "Let Abby open her own gift, please!"


Jess~ca said...

Ians faces TOTALLY cracked me up!! :) They are too cute! ha!

Taber & Rebecca said...

So, what happened to your BIRTHDAY WEEK? It shows up on my feed, but not on your blog.

superman said...

Those kids looks so cute!

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mj said...

Wow..They are growing so fast!!! They are so precious!...I missed my son and my daughter...

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