Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ian's Wise Words

I just can't let this go, it must be shared before I go to bed tonight.  These words came from Ian today as he waited for me to catch up to him on his bike when we went to pick up Brooklyn from school: "Mom, it's not a walking stroller.  It's a jogging stroller!"  Oh snap!  I couldn't believe I totally just got called out like that by my 4-year-old!  Needless to say, I arrived only moments later to Freedom Elementary, a little short of breath and with my heartbeat slightly elevated.  Thanks Ian.  Apparently Jillian's "Ripped in 30" wasn't enough this morning.
Tune in for more words from Ian.
His word of the week: SNAZZY
He says to me the other day, "Mom, I'm just looking at you right now because that shirt you're wearing is SNAZZY!"  Of course after the wonderful reaction that this comment evoked, he proceeded to describe every other thing about me as snazzy, my hairdo, etc.
Last story, I promise.  Today over lunch I shared with Ian (don't ask me how I started on this one) the story of how Stephen and I first met and became engaged.  When I got to the part where I was going to leave for Mexico and Stephen shared that he didn't want to date other girls, I said to Ian, "Can you believe it?  He didn't want to date anyone else."  I must've said something like, 'I don't know why he would say something like that, do you?'  After musing upon it for a moment, Ian said, "Maybe because he thought you were SNAZZY, Mom."

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Taber & Rebecca said...

Thanks for the good laugh! We're excited to see you in a few weeks!