Sunday, July 8, 2012

School Ends and Summer Begins!

 Brooklyn has officially graduated kindergarten!  Wahoo!  Here she is on the big day!  Thank you, Mom, for coming down with Caden and Caleb for the graduation!
 Brooklyn and classmates wear their red construction paper graduation caps.
 Ian, Caleb, and Caden play on the tire swing at the park adjacent to the school after the "commencement."
 Danielle and Brooklyn
 After the last day of school, me and the kids headed straight for L.A. to visit my mom and siblings and have some serious "chill time."  I love the greys in this couch shot of Pip and Ian.
 After a few days of visiting the McKendricks, we headed back down to San Diego with a stop first in Oceanside where we met up with a friend of mine from BYU and her three cute kids.  Tiffany, another friend from BYU/back home also hung out with her four kids.  Here are some of the pic's of the kids at the AWESOME beach house owned by Chandler's husband's family.
 The beach "cottage" was right on the beach and so family-friendly.  I actually let Jack sleep in one of the rooms of the house with the screen door shut while I hung out down at the beach with the kids for a bit.  I kept checking back on him every so often, but he slept soundly for at least a couple hours.  It must have been the white noise of the water and waves at the beach.  Talk about awesome!
 Tiffany's youngest two are twins Cali (the redhead) and Rylie.
 Cali, the bathing beauty!
 Ian protecting me from the waves while Brooklyn pretends to surf on them with her new pal Blakeslie, my friend Chandler's daughter.
 Ian made a sand angel.
 There you can see the beach-front cottages like the one we were visiting for the day.  Thanks Chandler for inviting us!  We'd love to come again!  (Hint, hint!)

 Brooklyn had way too much fun.  I wish I had one with her eyes open though.  This girl is fearless in the ocean!
 A fun little outdoor shower right next to the beach and a sand volleyball court and playground.
 The sleeping angel
 Inside the cottage.  Forgive me, Chandler, for acting so touristy with all the photos, but I was loving this place!  I felt like I was caught somewhere between the pages of sunset magazine and a Pottery Barn showroom!  This was the real deal though!

Here are some shots of the kids @ the playground

 Brooklyn and Tyler (Tiffany's 2nd oldest boy)

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