Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This and That

Here's Brooklyn posing by her posed stuffed animals and dolls. I think she said she was creating a circus.
Ian is patiently listening and obediently following his teacher, little Miss Badger as she authoritatively instructs. "First I'll read you a story, and then we'll have a literacy activity."

It's scary that I can totally relate to this little girl and her desire to teach. I did the same sort of thing at a very early age, only I didn't have a little brother and my sister may not have played along. I did play school with my friends though in our little playhouse in the backyard.
Another shot of her circus or zoo, I can't remember which one. I do like that there is a purple creature who is visiting the zoo and viewing a bear who is inside a cage. It's fun to see a child's imagination in action!

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