Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ian's Birthday

Our big boy Ian turned 3 , three months ago! Wahoo! Superheros are all the rage in his mind, so he got a couple of fun costumes from his mom and dad for his big day. Here are some pics of the kids (and Stephen) trying them on...
For Ian's birthday, we had a friend of his over for breakfast. We had waffles, eggs, sausage, and orange juice. It has been so long, that I don't remember what we did after that and before naptime...hmmm, maybe went to the park? I know we did plenty of fun things that week like SeaWorld, the Children's Museum, and the lighthouse, so we did not lack in the entertainment.
The rest of the Captain America costume, not shown, and apparently not as exciting as the hat, had built in "muscles" just like the Spidey suit did. Funny.
The dinner we had was macaroni and cheese (from a box, not homemade, I was feeling simple and thrifty) with cut up sausage. I had to stick a real vegetable dish on the menu too so we had broccoli on the side. I'm sure that the zoopals plates and cups were left-over from Brookie's party earlier in the year...Speaking of left-overs. Ian got to have pumpkin pie for his b-day dessert. This was a left-over from my b-day three days prior. At least he got to choose his ice cream!
I think he had a fun day. I am totally guilty of waiting too long to write this because I can't remember many more details than what the pictures provide. I'll try to be better next year! ;)

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