Sunday, July 17, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Grammy and Grandad were supportive enough to join the early-morning graduation ceremony at the high school where Brooklyn attended preschool. I'm sure it rivaled in pomp, triumph, and achievement David's medical school graduation that they attended earlier in the week. Or not. We enjoyed their presence and their support nevertheless.
After the ceremony, Ian and Graden waited patiently in line for some refreshments while the big preschooler boy ahead of them didn't notice that the line was moving ahead without him.
Here are two of Brooklyn's official preschool teachers. There were several more high school students who gave plenty of individual attention to each of the twelve preschoolers.
Here's Brookie with her buddy Ariana in front of a book display shelf.

Brooklyn gave Beck a HUGE hug goodbye. We'll miss you guys!

The kids with Ariana and her baby sister Aniyah.


Ruth said...

Adorable!! Isn't it nice when family visits?

jessandbryce said...

Yay! Go brookie! We miss you guys!